Note Value Practice with Cusicus

Note Value practice with Musicus

Tom Rudolph
[email protected]
Haverford Middle School

TI:ME Technology Areas Addressed:



Middle School


General Music


Macintosh or Windows PCs
Musicus by ECS


40 Minutes

Prior Knowledge and Skills:

Note values and rests in 4/4 time.

MENC Standards Addressed:

MENC 5: Reading and notating music.


Computer Data projector to display the computer screen.


Students will complete level 1 in the music game Musicus. They will attain an average score of 1,000.


1. Review note values in 4/4 time (whole, half, quarter, etc.)
2. Connect the computer to a large screen display or data projector.
2. Run the Musicus (ECS Media) practice lesson.
3. Divide the class into two teams. Give each student on the team a number.
4. Call up a student from each team and allow them to use Musicus. Keep a tally for each team.
5. The highest score at the end of the session wins.


Students are able to complete level 1 of Musicus demonstrating an understanding of the note values in 4/4 time.

Follow Up:

When a complete line of music is created in Musicus, have the students clap the rhythm patterns. Give extra points for properly clapping the patterns.

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